Manage Staff and Offices

Your field staff and campaign offices are the backbone of your ground game. The VX Field CRM has the tools you need to effectively manage staffers and offices.

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Manage Volunteers

Your field staff needs the best tools to manage their volunteers. The VX Field CRM helps you manage the lifecycle of volunteers from sign up to victory night.

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Report Voter Contact

You can use VX to report, aggregate and visualize voter contact data from our integrated walk apps, or other voter contact systems you are already using.

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VX Field CRM

Professionally Manage Field Staff and Offices

Campaign Org Chart

Organize your field staff and offices in a campaign org chart to quickly identify who reports to who, who works where and how your field offices are organized

Data Access Policy

Staffers and offices access only the data they are authorized to access. Hire staffers, move staffers, open new offices or close offices and easily manage access permissions


Automated Field Reports

VX is here to set you free from spreadsheet hell. Get realtime reports on volunteer numbers and drill down to regions and offices to see who is meeting goals and who isn't

Volunteer Recruitment

You need to recruit volunteers, fast. VX integrates your entire recruitment workflow, from smart volunteer signup forms and CSV imports to voter file matching, vetting and approval

Modern Volunteer Management

Effectively Manage a Large Volunteer Workforce


The VX office door application helps you keep track of who is coming in and out of your field offices. Volunteer timesheets tell you exactly how long everyone is working, and you can aggregate results by regions, states and offices.

Teams and Events

VX lets you organize volunteers into teams and create events to organize activities. Whether you are holding house parties, phone banks or a national day of action, teams and events organize your staff and volunteers and support advanced communication features over email and SMS.

Effective Communication

VX provides an intuitive system to engage and communicate with volunteers. You can create announcements tailored to a specific office, a region or your entire field program. Annoucements can be broadcast on email, SMS or within VX to ensure all your volunteers are reached.

Facebook Integration

Republic VX is integrated with Facebook Groups to extend your interaction with volunteers and supporters into their social lives. This is a powerful integration that will enable you to leverage the Facebook platform in your ground game to reach more volunteers, supporters and voters.

Report and Visualize Voter Contact

Use Our Apps or Bring Your Own Apps

One System to Report All Voter Contact

You invest in your ground game to run a top notch voter contact program, and you need to report your numbers up and down the campaign org chart. VX is designed to help you report, aggregate and visualize your voter contact numbers in real-time. In addition to our best-in-class canvassing and call-from-home apps, you can report and aggregate data from any of the voter contact apps you are already using (calls, doors, mail or digital).

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VX Walk Apps

The Best Walk Applications on the Market

Long Battery Life

No other feature is as important as battery life. If the volunteers phone is dead, you can't collect data. We have designed our apps with battery life as key constraint

Dynamic Scripts

Backed by mixed universe turfs, our applications support dynamic scripts, and each voter will get a script tailored to the universe she belongs in


Machine Learning

We use advanced machine learning techniques to analyze reported voter contact patterns and alert you when voter contact reports look suspicious

Realtime Location Reports

As volunteers collect responses, you can see a realtime reports of exactly when and where voter contact is made from your canvassing dashboard


Multiple Products to Fit Your Ground Game

  • Field CRM + Walk Apps
  • Up to 1000 Volunteers
  • All Field CRM Features
  • Android and iOS Walk Apps
  • Call from Home
  • Realtime Location Reports
  • Dynamic Scripts
  • Universes and Tags
  • Start 14 Day Trial
  • Field CRM
  • Up to 1000 Volunteers
  • Staff/Office Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Time Tracking
  • SMS and Email Announcements
  • Volunteer Teams and Events
  • Facebook Integration
  • Voter Contact Reports
  • Start 14 Day Trial
  • Custom Edition
  • Over 1000 volunteers
  • Dedicated Database
  • With or Without Walk Apps
  • Contact Us

Empower Your Volunteers! Republic VX is a modern platform for organizing and running a winning field program!


"The product is designed to assist campaigns with all the key areas of modern campaigning, including volunteer management and voter contact."
"Using Republic VX, Republican campaign staff can digitally organize staffers and volunteers across offices and keep constant tabs on everything"
"VX addresses what may be the least sexy problem in politics, how to bring efficiency to the layered, volunteer-centric field organization."

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